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Professional Water Damage Restoration - Los Angeles Service for Home & Commercial Home & Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company in Los Angeles:

Pure Restoration provides top quality water damage restoration and repair services in Los Angeles for virtually any type of flood or plumbing issues. Our company utilizes very powerful industrial grade technology, made specifically for water damage in order to effectively take care of the water damage problems. In the event that you may need water damage related service in Los Angeles, our experienced company and knowledgeable technicians are prepared to restore the condition of your home or commercial property. We work with insurance companies and can help you maximize the amount of benefits you can receive.

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Emergency Flood Cleanup Company

Water Damage Restoration - Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

If you need water damage restoration, flood removal, cleanup or repair services in Los Angeles, contact us at 1-800-997-8731 for free consultation.

Information Our highly trained technicians are equipped with all the necessary technology, tools and knowledge to make your Water Damage Restoration or Emergency Water Cleanup projects in Los Angeles run smoothly.


Water Damage Restoration Services
in Los Angeles:

Water Damage Restoration - 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Mitigation
24/7 Emergency Water Mitigation
Water Damage Restoration - Sewage Extraction & Cleanup
Sewage Extraction & Cleanup
Water Damage Restoration - High Powered Water Extraction & Pumping
High Powered Water Extraction
Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Remediation - Disinfection & Sanitation
Disinfection & Sanitation
Water Damage Restoration - Odor Control
Odor Control
Water Damage Restoration - Damage Assessments
Damage Assessments
Water Damage Restoration - Dehumidification
Water Damage Restoration - Complete Structural Drying
Complete Structural Drying
Water Damage Restoration - Moisture Level Readings
Moisture Level Readings
Water Damage Restoration - Flooring Replacement & Installations
Flooring Replacement & Installations
Water Damage Restoration
Content Cleaning & Restoration
Water Damage Restoration
Written Estimates & Insurance Processing

Emergency 24 Hour Water Damage and Flood Cleanup Services

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services | Flooding & Plumming - Home and Commercial

Emergency Water damage Cleanup Services - Water Damage Restoration
Emergency Water Damage or Flood Situation?
At Pure Restoration we understand that accidents happen and have dealt with thousands of emergency situations. We are prepared to help. In the case that a flood or water damage accident does occur, you want an experienced company with qualified technicians and heavy duty equipment to get the job done right. Whether it be emergency water mitigation & removal, extraction, structural drying, dehumidification, disinfection, content cleaning or full water damage restoration, we are here to help make your recovery run as smooth and quick as possible. Call us anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency flood and water damage cleanup services.Emergency Flood Cleanup Company

Cleanup Services

If you need emergency water damage, sewage or flood cleanup at your home or commercial property, contact us 24hr, 7 days a week at 1-800-997-8731 for immediate response.


Pure Restoration specializes in Emergency Water Damage and Flood Cleanup / Restoration Services. We use the most effective technology available for drying, cleanup and water damage restoration situations, available 24/7 for emergency services.


Service Coverage Areas:

  • Los Angeles County

  • San Fernando Valley

  • Orange County

  • Ventura County


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